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7 Things Every Real Cowboy Wears

By Posted on 3 m read

Cowboys have been a part of Australian history and culture for more than two hundred years and are an iconic part of the Australian bush. Not only are they known for their culture and lifestyle, but also for their distinct style that combines fashion with functionality.

There are still real cowboys today. These men work hard on the ranches daily, but their unique workwear makes them look great while doing so.

From boots to hats to bandannas, there are iconic items that make the cowboy look come to life. Today, we’re highlighting the seven items every real cowboy keeps in his wardrobe to achieve an authentic western style.

boot heelsBoots

It is almost impossible to look like a cowboy without a distinctive pair of cowboy boots. There are thousands of styles available, but every exceptional western boot must have some essential features:  a toebox to protect from horse steps, no laces, a high shaft, and different kinds of boot heels, designed to keep the cowboy in the saddle.

Once the basics are covered, there are millions of style options to choose from, making them unique and fun to wear.


Another item that makes the cowboy look come to life is an authentic cowboy hat. A good-quality hat must be able to withstand both the test of time and the elements. The most common materials are leather and felt, and other features to consider are fit, style and quality.

There are many different sizes available; however, having a hat custom made is the best way to ensure a perfect fit. On the other hand, the crown and brim shape make up the style of the hat, and there are dozens of combinations for every taste.


A real cowboy needs comfortable clothes that last a long time. There is not a more durable item of clothing than a good pair of quality jeans. Cowboy jeans must have the right fit: neither too tight nor too loose, and long enough to cover the top of his boots when he’s sitting on a horse.

There are thousands of washes available, but the most authentic western style is achieved with a bold, rugged look.


A belt is an absolute necessity to complete the authentic cowboy look. Trophy buckles won at rodeos are the mark of a master cowboy. Another option is to find vintage trophy buckles on eBay or to keep it simple and use a small, silver buckle.


A cowboy can use a bandanna as a dust mask, a shield from the sun, a pot holder, a tourniquet, and many other things.   They are usually made of cotton, and red is the most popular colour.

Cowboys often wear them tied around the neck, folded in a triangle, and they often compliment the look of a typical button-down shirt.


Chaps are leather coverings used by cowboys over their pants to protect their legs from rope burns when working with livestock, and also prevent cuts when riding through bushed or thorny vegetation.

They are perhaps one of the most iconic cowboy items ever known since they were never adapted for casual wear and remain authentic cowboy workwear. Chaps rest around the hips and extend to the bottom of the pants.


Just as chaps protect the cowboy’s legs, gloves protect the cowboy’s hands from any vegetation or barbed wire he may encounter. They are usually made of soft leather, and also make gripping the reins much easier when riding.

Gloves are often an overlooked item when thinking about cowboy fashion, but the truth is that real cowboys use them all the time to do their job better and maintain healthy skin.

Once again, real cowboys still exist, and the cowboy look is a timeless style. The seven items presented above are the mark of a real cowboy.

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