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9 Elegant Lagertha Hair to Consider for Your Viking’s Celebrations

By Posted on 2 m read

If you have been wondering which Lagertha hair styles you should opt for during the coming Viking’s celebration period, relax, we have researched and found some of the best Lagertha styles for your consideration.

From dignified plaits to complex detailing to a braided updo, we have everything you need to make your Viking’s celebration memorable. Check it out here to see what Viking’s character we will be having next!

  1. Complex Detailing

The sides of this Lagertha hair looks so cute. The detailing makes it stunningly incredible. This hairstyle shows how far Lagertha has come from by being a mere daughter of a farmer. The shows how complicated her life has become, and it is gorgeous.

  1. Side Braid

Although Lagertha has been hit by death, she still gets time to rock this elaborate braid revealing her stunningly elongated hair.  The long hair just includes enough style to her looks without being prodigious.

  1. Epic Shield Maiden

The braids characterizing this look makes it possible for Lagertha to pay attention to the battle without any distraction. The style also gives her that imposing and badass, fearless look. Her style of hair gets more sophisticated as the episode continues. We are all mesmerized by how she finds time to style it this beautiful.

  1. Volume, Volume, Volume

Lagertha likes complex detailing. And this full style proves that. She uses subtle braids on the crown to boost volume to this style, making her curly tresses enhance feminine quality. The look brings everything to equilibrium since it is equal sections that are rugged.

  1. Battle Braids

We are used to Lagertha sporting similar hairstyles when she is going for combat, and this hairstyle boosts the intimidation factor. With beautiful braids and twists styled perfectly on the crown, it reveals fearsome style ideal for only fearless shield maidens.

  1. Braided Updo

This hairdo complements Lagertha’s beautiful facial features, with the straights tresses on each side and most of the length is braided at the crown. Lovely look.

  1. Regal and Powerful

When she makes her first appearance to Ragnar as Earl, she shows off lots of power, and this hairdo completely helps her achieve that. The hair is braided at the crown as faux-hawk style, revealing an extra-ordinarily rebellious leader.

  1. Farming Braids

When Lagertha is traveling to the land given to her to farm, she chooses twists on her standard half-braided strands. The crown is coiffed rather than braided and includes a certain level of sophistication to the style. The braids at the sides are still there and appear to be Lagertha’s go-to staple.

  1. Simple Elegance

Lagertha doesn’t only sport side braids; she also sports this hairstyle during the rarest moments. She appears so feminine and beautiful, while still holding on to her signature style.

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