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A Newbie’s Guide to Cowboy Boots

By Posted on 3 m read

Cowboys boots are famous. They are a unique fashion item which has its tradition as horse riding and work boots. Besides being a fashion statement, cowboy boots had practical values to American cowboys of the ancient west.

They still have a place on the foot of all cowboys today as they go about there day to day duties.

Today, you are likely to see people using cowboy boots in pop culture, folk art as well as functional clothing.

However, if you are not acquainted with wearing these boots then choosing the right pair for you may be a daunting task.

The following tips will help you find the right boots that you will feel confident and comfortable in:

Cowboy BootsThe boot heel and toe box:

The bottom part of the cowboy boot has two features; the heel and the toe box. Both the heel and toe box give the boot its characteristic shape.

Cowboy boots have different kind of heels. Most modern fashion cowboy boots tend to have a thin toe box. However, the toe of a cowboy boot should not necessarily be thin.

Boots have a distinct taper that makes it easy to slide in and out of the stirrups, giving your feet an active and dynamic shape.

Most western cowboy boots will have heels ranging from one to two inches high. Choose the heel of your cowboy boot depending on what suits your needs best.

The Size:

Different companies use different lathes to make their boots. You might find that a boot from a particular manufacturer will fit well, but a boot from a competitor will pinch despite being of the same size.

 If you have an unusual size, it might be a good idea to buy from a physical store where you can try boots on to find the best fit. Do not take chances on this fashion investment.

You want to get it right so you can enjoy wearing your boots for years to come.


You will rarely see plain cowboy boots. These boots come in various styles; you just have to choose one that fits your taste and preference. Most manufacturers feature various things on the part that is visible just beneath the trouser.

Some boots will have leather tooling, bright vegetable dyes and then contrast-colour stitching on others. The maker of Western boots does not want them to sag and fall, this being the reason for the decorative stitching.

Enjoy browsing the wide selection of boots on offer and have fun wearing these iconic boots once you have selected the style for you.

Your height:

Whether short or tall, choose your boot’s heel size depending on your height. Shorter men are fonder of cowboy boots. This is mostly because the boots add an extra inch or two to their height, giving them an illusion of being taller.

As a short man, you can always sneak another heel on your boots. Count on full cowboy heels to give you the height you want.

On the other hand, you do not want to exaggerate your height if you are a tall man. Lower slung walking boots are the ideal style for tall men.

The style of the boots:

Western boots come in various styles. You have to know the different styles available before you to settle for one that suits your needs and preferences.

These styles include; the classic western boot, the shortie boots, the western work boots, roper boots, Buckaroo boots, riding boot, and stockman boots. All these styles come with various different features

Pull straps:

Pull boots can give your boots that little bit of extra show. Boots with pull straps are also easier to put on. You will find pull straps on the upper part of most western boots.

Some boots might not have this feature. Others will just have holes for pure decoration without the pull straps.

 Image Pixabay License CCO

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