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Accessories to Finish a Winning Look

By Posted on 3 m read

Sometimes you might feel tired of your day to day outfits. However, this does not mean that you need a completely new wardrobe. You just need to select a few simple accessories to break the monotony.

It is important to note that accessories can make or break your outfit. Thus it is important to know how and when to use them.

Here are different types of accessories and how to use them:


Accessories such as necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, are generally called jewellery. Do not be afraid to wear rings, bracelets and necklaces all at the same time.

However, huge earrings should never be worn together with a necklace. Wear either big earrings or a necklace, accompanied by a ring and maybe a bracelet.

Or rather, you can have one overpowering statement piece and have the rest simple yet classic.

Subtle pieces of jewellery should not distract you or others. Therefore, jewellery can be used as a daily accessory since they are simple enough for any occasion.

  1. Handbags 

Currently, handbags are the leading accessories that no woman can afford to lack. Almost every woman has a statement handbag in their wardrobe. In the past, most people used to prefer to use a necklace or bracelet as a statement piece.

However, today more women prefer to use designer bags such as Gucci bags in Australia, as a huge and bold powerful statement. A classy handbag will make your simple outfit unforgettable.

Depending on your taste, invest in various handbags to meet different needs. The handbags you choose should blend with your lifestyle and style.

Different handbags are used to complement different events. Be sure to use the right handbag for the right event.

  1. Belts 

Belts are great accessories that can be used as statement pieces. Mostly, belts are worn over shirts, dresses and blazers amongst many other outfits. Women mainly use belts to emphasise their small waists.

You might not want to use a belt over your blouse or dress if you do not want people to focus on your stomach area, especially if your weight is slightly above average.

Belts can be used to hold your pants, accessorise an outfit as well as create an illusional change to your body shape. Not every belt is designed to keep your pants from falling.

Make sure you use the right belt for the right purpose.  Using the right belt will complement your outfit and portray the right image.

  1. Glasses 

Eyeglasses can be used as a statement accessory piece too. They can be used for both style and function. Wearing glasses is like killing two birds with a stone; you amp up your style and protect your eyes at the same time.

However, be sure to choose glasses with a style that suits your face shape. It is also important to minimise jewellery and colour, to let your glasses rule as the statement piece.

Glasses will mostly go well with a sharp collared shirt or a rugged outfit. If you are a woman, you can try pairing your glasses with a professional dress or a scarf.

  1. Scarves 

A scarf can be used to put multiple looks to an outfit. However, most people use scarves to add print, texture and colour in their wardrobes.

Scarves are not only used around the neck. You can use a scarf on your handbag, on the head or even around the wrist.

Winter is not the excuse you need to throw on some funny looking oversized sweaters. Put on a scarf to keep you looking stylish during the cold weather. Scarfs can be used anywhere from work to dinner dates.

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