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By Posted on 3 m read

A lot of bead makers around the world have felt the sudden surge of their industry because of the returning trend of fashionable beaded bracelets which are now highly-worn by many.

Because of this trend in the fashion world, bead makers like in Africa, South America, and Asia have slowly adopted the modernized methods in transforming their once traditional beading styles into a more fashionable and profitable industry that attracts many investors, especially in the fashion industry.

According to some surveys that mainly focused on the bead making industry, found out that a lot of indigenous beads that comes from particular countries in Africa, South America and Asia are now up to the challenge to produce a higher-quality types of beads to even up the rising demand of the glass, acrylic, and ceramic beads that are manufactured in Western countries and in China compared to their hand engraved wooden beads.

There are many bead makers claim that although their beads are made up of the traditional wood, it is still the most durable type of bead out there in the market. However, the downside of wooden beaded bracelets is that it easily fades its color and sometimes it is heavier than its glass and plastic counterparts.

For the countries that produce wooden beaded bracelets, they consider it an art rather than a business that is why it requires one’s understanding of color and uniqueness in design as well as understanding their tradition and culture through this fashion accessory.

However, due to the trend, these once traditional bead makers that were the pioneers in this industry are adopting the new materials that are being used to make beads such as plastics, ceramics, glass, and acrylic without sacrificing the unique ethnic design.

Majority of bead makers in specific countries are now undergoing skills training funded by either their government or private entities that aim to level up their bead making skills that are at par with the modern way of bead making.

In the past years, beaded bracelets have earned its reputation as one of the most popular wrist accessories for the majority of men around the world. Its popularity relies on its very vast collection and choices. You can either go and wear wooden varieties, to ethnic-inspired, plastic, precious stones, crystals and glass beaded bracelets that complements any outfit styles, mood, and dress code.

These are also very popular not just to women, but also for men. Beaded bracelets for men looks great when stacked, mixed-and-matched the beaded patterns, as well as sizing, the materials, and color for a good combination. Wearing a formal suit looks way cooler nowadays because of beaded bracelets, you can go monochrome or go fully vibrant depending on the occasion and outfit that you wear.

Beaded bracelets for men are the most common types of bracelets also and are the cheaper types compared to chain bracelets which are usually made up of precious metals and this is also the type of bracelet that is always available in many fashion stores and department stores as well as in online shopping.

The beaded bracelets for men always consists of a stretch string that is stacked with multiple beads that are made up of different materials, and most of the best quality beaded bracelets are made from natural stones like lava stones, obsidian, and even marble which are refined and made into beads while there are also that are made from gold, bronze, silver, and copper. Mostly, beads are shaped to circle or round, but there are also shaped differently depending on its style.

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