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Buying guide for the Perfect Roller Skate Wheels

By Posted on 2 m read

Roller skates are an amazing sort of sport and it is quite popular amongst girls and teenagers. Roller skates for women are also gaining popularity and you must take care of some amazing tips while choosing the perfect pair of roller skates for yourself. If you love skating, then roller skate wheels serve as the most important part of a skate.

Tips for buying the perfect roller skate for women :

  1. Hardness and surface of the wheel: This is one of the most critical aspects of a roller skate wheel. The hardness or softness of the wheel will determine the usage of the wheel and the surfaces on which the skate would work. The soft wheel is best suited for outdoor use and for slippery indoor floors, the harder one is used for indoor and sticky floors. You can check the softness or hardness of the wheel based on its number.
  2. Check the diameter of the wheel: This will affect the overall speed, acceleration, weight and stability of the skates. It determines the height of your skates too and you can measure it in millimeters. Based on these parameters your skating, as well as skating speed, can get affected.
  3. The weight of the wheel: Weight of the wheel has a huge impact on the entire weight of the skate. This is an important consideration when you go on to purchase a new set of skates. If you buy heavy wheels then they offer more traction but they will make you more tired as well. Lighter wheels are suited for beginners and allow easier and faster motion but there is less stability.
  4. Check the contact patch: The total size of the wheel across i.e. its width is known as profile and it does not include any sort of bevels. The contact patch is the wheel’s area in contact with the skating surface. It can affect the grip and overall speed of your skating wheel. A wider contact patch gives more stability and grip as compared to smaller one, but it is heavier and makes slow movements. Also, keep a check on the lips or edge of the roller skates. Depending upon the cut effect of the lips, the total amount of contact patch gets affected.
  5. The hub and core materials of the wheel: The core or hub of the wheel is the inner portion of the wheel which is the hard part located at the center of the wheel where the skate bearings are snapped. The cores are of three main types i.e. nylon, hollow and aluminum.

Use these tips to find the perfect roller skates for women.

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