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Discovering Your Perfect Wedding Venue

There are Many contemporary wedding venues Melbourne has to offer, and there will always be one to suit your taste and budget. Whether you’re going for a rustic or a modern industrial concept, Melbourne has it all. Looking for that perfect venue might seem like a challenge in the beginning, but with the proper guidance, it’ll all be comfortable and worth it in the end.

Talk to A Wedding Planner 

As much as you’d like to have full control over your wedding planning, at some point, you’d need to call in the expert. Before you begin looking for wedding venues, make sure you get the advice of a wedding planner because they are more familiar with the space requirements and layout you want. You can save yourself from trouble in the future, and avoid unnecessary complications.

The most critical role your wedding planner has is to integrate the whole theme with the venue, to make everything feel connected with space. After all, you want your site to be a magical and beautiful place that fits well together.

Always Consider Your Guests 

One of the common mistakes many couples do is finding a venue without considering their number of guests. As a result, its either the place is (1) too big for the number of actual guests; or (2) too cramped since there are too many guests on the site. Before you sign the deal in whichever place you find, look at how many guests you’re expecting. In addition to saving yourself from headaches, it helps you break down your budget.

Many venues will give you a ball figure of how many people can fit in the space, but the right question you should be asking them is “How many can fit comfortably?” You want your guest to be comfortable, and not bumping on each other. Another thing you need to consider is where are your guests coming from? If you know you’ll have out-of-town guests, make sure the venue is relatively close to a hotel. 

Remember The Budget You Set 

Your venue is just one among the significant expenses you’ll make, and it’s better that you set aside a figure for each cost. Many sites will come with in-house catering, and this may help you save on fees. Contemporary wedding venues Melbourne has have already a natural charm in it, but if you want to add more spark and magic you need to set more budget for:

  • Décor and flower design – the venue doesn’t come with décor and flowers, which is why you need to place another budget to make your space look beautiful.
  • Vendor fees – the further the venue, the higher rates many vendors may charge for transporting from one place to another 

Finding the perfect venue and designing them is fun. Watching your design ideas unfold on your wedding day can feel very rewarding, and you’ll realize every sacrifice you did was worth it. Keep in mind the tips we’ve given you, to find that perfect wedding venue and may you have the most magical wedding experience ever.

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