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Eyelash Extension Primer

Applying Eyelash Extension Primer has a major step in the eyelash extension process both for everyday lash user and professionals alike. The lash extension primer functions just like a make-up primer but better. The primer creates a more lavishing, and longer-lasting lashes. Basically, it prepares the natural eyelashes for applying the faux ones.

Once a primer is being used, make sure that the natural lash is clean, the lash specialist applies the primer first before doing anything else. This helps to make sure that the lashes are clean and there are no traces of makeup and any other material that could affect the lash extensions. Also, it helps the glue to set perfectly. This highlights why it’s very important to use an eyelash extension primer for your extensions.

You will need two micro brushes or simple q-tips to apply the primer to the lashes perfectly. Coat every lash in primer from its root to the tip; this coverage can provide better application reach. Just make sure that you have the right amount of primer on your tool since it is very hard to work with the primer when you have too much.

Remember, the primer is not made for cleaning the lashes that’s why you have lash shampoo for that. The primer is only for preparing and priming lashes.

We recommend you to try Stacy Lash Primer. It helps to efficiently remove any leftovers of oils, makeup, or any dirt that were left or build on the lashes or eyelids after you’ve cleaned them with shampoo. One of the things that are highly recommended is the spray cap. It is easy to use and it helps serve the right amount of primer on to the natural lashes. Just spray some in a cap and then you can dip your micro brushes or q-tips or you can just simply spray the primer on your tool.

It is a well-known fact that the primer is a significant step when it comes to extending the eyelashes; it helps set the extension in and holds it there for a long time. Make sure you get a high-quality product and apply it very carefully after reading the instructions. Each of your works will be perfect with the right use of a high-quality primer.

To know more about it, you can visit Stacy Lash and get to know some products for lashes there too!

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