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So, one may always be wondering why to go with the installation of the fire rated downlights. But before everything else, one needs to know what are fire rated downlights. So, let us dive deeper into the topic.


The downlights can be a piece of beauty for the entire house. But before everything else, the safety measures are important. They are the ones the allow the slowing down of the spread of fire so that whoever is about to face a dangerous accident manages to escape before the ceiling collapses.

Fire rated downlights with the lack of additional thermal insulation- possibility:

There is a need to go for reading the manufacturing instructions before using the devices. This is a necessity because some of the fire rated downlights these days do not come with the thermal insulation. This is because they are expensive for the manufacturers. But there is a possibility in these cases that there is overheating leading to a fire. There are also some other structures that come with the fire rated installation portions in a separate form that needs additional installation charges. So, it is important to see that the brand one is choosing is a renowned one and do not sell the lame products.

what are fire rated downlights


The fire rated downlights are too costly for the simple reason that they are too effective by means of their potential to control the fire. The parts that are used with these are too costly and hence the charges. However, if people really do not want to go with the fire rated downlights, an alternative to this is the fire rated hoods that are often placed above the non fire rated downlights, however, the safety that can be attained by this setup can never be compared to the ones that are available with the fire rated downlights.


The installation of the fire rated downlights need to be done by an electrician. This is because the fittings that are available with the kits are too complicated and are regulated by the Part P section of the Building Regulations. So, if such standards are not maintained, the installation may prove to be a mistake. The electrician who is providing the services must be ensured that they are certified ones. Checkingtehh certification is necessary because only the certified ones provide the good commodities that may not hamper the total electricity setup of the house leading to the accident. Moreover, there must be a demand for the warranty of the installation services so that one does not need to meet with additional expenses latter. The warranty period for the installation come for about 5 years with most of the devices. The reliability and the safety aspects are the most important things to be kept in mind prior to the installation.

If high prices can meet up the safety standards for family, it must be noted that the expenses did not go in vain. So, one needs to essentially ensure a safe life with these downlights.

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