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Five Things Your Shoes Are Saying About You

By Posted on 3 m read

Sneakers are being worn to work at the Silicon Valley. So much so, that many techies have never put their feet inside thebest oxford shoes out there. But Wall Street investment bankers can never think of stepping out in anything less than a black cap oxford shoes

Hence, shoes can tell a lot about peoples’ personalities. Just by looking at the color, condition, and style of the shoe, much can be revealed about our individual selves. That said, it’ll be safe to say that we often wear our hearts on shoes and not on our sleeves!

If you’re interested in learning more about what your shoe choice has to say about you then keep reading:

1- Sneakers

Sneakers are the rage nowadays. However, it may exude a boyish charm. If you want to be taken seriously at the workplace, we suggest you keep away from all kinds of sneakers unless your bosses have a thing for the casual look.

Men who wear sneakers are thought to be a sweet guy, a little dorky and endearing. After all, sneakers do have a childlike wonder.

2- Running shoes

Wearing a running shoe means that you are goal-oriented but always in a rush. It represents your love for fitness challenges and passion for a fit body. We suggest you wear a classic Nike to school runs or while going to the gym but keep them away for formal and semi-formal occasions. Needless to say, running shoes evoke feelings of confidence and an organized approach.

3- Slip-on Vans

Slip-on Vans are the laceless version of the sneaker, so it represents almost the same feelings. It means that you’re okay with looking chill and relaxed. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t care about how you look. A canvas slip-on pair of Vans looks extremely trendy with jeans which represent that you’re a little more high maintenance than a plain sneakers type of guy.

4- Oxfords

The best oxford shoes are a classic representation of a well-dressed guy that knows how to make an effort to look good. Wear them with a suit to look polished and confident at the workplace. Wearing these shoes means that a guy wants to look his best in all sorts of situations.

5- Lace-up boots

Often associated with the lumberjack look- lace-up boots carry a lot of sex appeal. However, if you don’t want to come off as someone who lives in a secluded pine forest with a dog and lots of whiskeys to keep you company, we recommend staying away from this broody choice of shoes.


Gone are the days when footwear only served a practical purpose of keeping our feet safe from the elements. Today, we know of a secondary contribution of shoes- that it allows us to gain insight about various personality types.

Shoes can help you make the right first impressions can be a significant cue to your career trajectory. We hope this list helped you in finding out what your favorite pair of shoes has to say about you.

Do you have any more questions regarding shoes and the traits they represent? If yes, let us know in the comments below:

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