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How to Rock Full Lashes with An Eyelash Primer

By Posted on 3 m read

While we’re adventurous with how we style and care for our hair, often subjecting it to various beauty trends from avocado masks to conditioning with sunflower oil, we sometimes overlook those little hairs below our eyebrows—our lashes! Most of us grew up thinking that the most you can do with lashes are to put on mascara or to apply lash extensions, but did you know that makeup experts have a little secret addition to the eye beauty routine? Get familiar with the eye lash primer and how it can help you get luscious, clump-free lashes.

What Is It For?

First off, we’ll explain what an eye lash primer is and what it does. A primer is a cosmetic product you apply before another product as a base that allows the other product to get better coverage on your face and last longer after application. Think of it as that pep talk you give yourself before speaking in public to psyche yourself up, get rid of your jitters, and allow you to deliver your speech smoothly. Just as there’s a primer to make your foundation and eyeshadow work better, the eye lash primer makes your mascara stay on longer, and your lash extensions look thicker.

How to Use It

Here are the foundational steps to applying a lash primer.

1: Cleanse both your client’s natural lashes and extension lashes to get rid of tiny dirt, or grime stuck on the lashes that could get in the way of the glue properly adhering to the lash extensions.

2: Under-eye patches should be applied as primer solutions contain alcohol, which could be dangerous if they got on your client’s eyes.

3: Get your micro-brush or micro-swab and dab a tiny bit onto your primer solution and apply to the natural lashes. Begin at the base and brush in an upward sweeping motion. You can even out the primer coat using a lash comb, which will also separate the lashes to get rid of any clumps.

4: Wait for the coat to dry completely. Once that’s all set, you can begin gluing the eyelash extensions.

eye lash primerAny Other Tips?

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised once you see what a vast difference applying eye lash primer can do to give you full and longer lashes. Eyelash primers are just as great to use even without lash extensions, however. Primers are built to help cleanse your lashes and prep them so that the mascara bonds better to your lashes. If you’re thinking of opting out of lash extensions, a helpful tip is to apply mascara while the primer is still a bit damp so that the solution will blend well together.

If you’re curious to see just how much more volume an eyelash primer can bring, try to use it on only one set of eyelashes and skip the primer step on the other eye. You’ll be amazed to find that the lashes that you used a primer on have more oomph to it compared to the other one! Primers are an excellent cosmetic to help you maximize coverage and get the most out of your other products, and should definitely be a staple to your beauty regimen.

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