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Men’s Fashion: all about Watch and Suit

By Posted on 2 m read

Did you think that your totally outdated mechanical wristwatch will fit your elegant suit? Sorry, but you are wrong! A watch is on the wrist what a shoe is on the foot: it is a fashion accessory that needs to be chosen thoughtfully. Besides, the choice of a watch to wear with a suit might be an expensive purchase so, here are the rules to hit it goalwards.

The thickness of the watch

The first parameter to be taken into account while choosing a watch is its fineness. An elegantand prestigious watch should be present on your wrist without being eye-catching. For this purpose, the jewel must be thick enough to pass easily under a shirt sleeve.Thus, the latter will not goes up every now and then. In terms of dimensions, the watch casing should be less than 10mm. Choose one of the thick and cheap Swiss watches by Louis Chevrolet to highlight your style and personality.

How about the Diameter of the Watch?

Is the trend to the big clocks around the wrist? Then, forget about fashion when it comes to pick the right watch to wear with a classy suit. You can choose the item according to your personal taste if you want, but especially according to the size of your wrist. To keep the sense of proportion, opt for a watch whose horns (the rods where the bracelet is hooked on the case) do not exceed your wrist. A man with a thin wrist will go for a watch of less than 40mm diameter. Those who have abigger wrist will tend to wear watches of up to 40mm diameter.

Choose a Plain Color of the Watch

The watch should be an identification accessory, without being too ostentatious or bling-bling. Therefore, it is better to purchase a model with a light background such as white, off-white, gray, and a gold or silver watch case at your convenience. The more you opt for sobriety in terms ofcolor, the more the watch can be worn easily with a wide range of proper male outfits. You will notably appreciate the combination of a gold watch with a navy blue suit or a silver watch with an anthracite suit.

The Watch Strap: Metal, Leather or latex?

It is a trap question because nothing is better than a leather strap to match a suit. A metal or a steel bracelet can be trendy and beautiful enough but only when you have a casual or a sporty look. It will seriously denotes with a suit. You can argue that wearing a steel bracelet is possible, yes of course, but according to us, it is like wearing a t-shirt and sandals with a suit!

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