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Some of the Best Short Layered Haircuts to Watch Out For

By Posted on 2 m read

Easy maintenance and lightness are two of the benefits that all short haired women will enjoy. But apart from these there are several other benefits that one can enjoy. Popularly known as the Pixie hairstyle, the short layered hairstyle for women is one of the best to give your pretty little face an added chic style. These hairstyles of highlight the eye’s and the cheekbones of the wearer and amplifies the beauty of the face. Several of these short layered hairstyles have already become popular across Hollywood with several actresses preferring them. Let’s take a look at the top picks here at short layered styles @ rachel.

  • Short layered bob

The short layered bob comes in distinctive layers and so can be easily colored to look extra beautiful. Also, the hair looks big in volume as it has several layers. By using hair gel and dryers, the hairstyle can be much more improved. Unbeaten, this hairstyle still stays as one of the classic styles of all time.

  • Short curly hair

Just because you don’t have long hair, it does not mean you cannot have curls. Even the short hair can have beautiful curls. There are several who love the bouncy curls and so this too is one of the all-time favorites among women.

  • Short layers with flipped out layers

This is one of the short layered styles @ rachel that is preferred by many women as it tend to make them look younger and beautiful. In this type of hairstyle, one can have several layers and depending on their mood, flip out or flip them under. For those with very short hair, three layers would be good to go. An added curl to the layers can make them look cheerful and bouncy.

  • Chin length pixie with short layers

This hairstyle features the classic bob hairstyle. The bottom layers are straightened and there are several options to make this hairstyle look beautiful by add different colors. This hairstyle is capable of giving a hip and lovely look to the original bob style.

No matter what, short hairstyles suit women well. There is that chic look on the faces which make them look cute and beautiful. For all those craving behind long hair, one thing all of you are missing is the benefits short hair can give you. To stress up on, if you truly want your long locks then you need not cut them off. But if you do feel like trying something short and beautiful, then picking up a short layered hairstyle would be a good option to go with to look beautiful and a bit differently good.

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