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The benefits of having an IQOS Heatstick

By Posted on 2 m read

Smoking has been declared and confirmed by specialists and experts to have caused millions of deaths in the world, annually. This is because of the hazardous elements and components a single stick of cigarette contains which leads to various health conditions including tuberculosis, cancer and even death. Preventing an individual from smoking has been one of the problems the world has been dealing with for a long period of time, and because tobacco company are still manufacturing cigarettes, this major problem has not yet been solved. However, due to the rising popularity of e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, many cigarette smokers have shifted from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Take IQOS heatstick for an example, in this article, we will tackle where to buy iqos heatsticks, its uses as well as its benefits.

IQOS Heatstick: What is it? 

Electronic cigarettes, most commonly known as vape or vaporizer is a type of electronic cigarette that uses lithium-ion batteries, and wires that produces heat in order to vaporize e-juice, mostly composed of glycerin and propylene glycol that is added with essential flavors that mimics the taste of cigarettes. Most vaporizers emits massive amount of vapor, while some don’t as it depends on how an individual builds his or her vaporizer’s atomizer.

One example of this electronic cigarette is the IQOS Heatstick, unlike vaporizers that uses liquid nicotine and emits clouds of smoke, IQOS heatstick contains tobacco, which is much closer to the experience of smoking a regular cigarette but without the smoke, odor and carcinogens. You can buy iqos heatsticks through online, you can check

The IQOS Heatstick uses a state-of the-art technology that heats tobacco to a point below combustion, which is regularly up to over 660 degrees fahrenheit. The IQOS Heatstick produces a nicotine infused flavor that an individual inhales with the device’s mouthpiece. IQOS Heatstick emits zero smoke, ashes, and prevents a individual from obtaining that foul smokey stench from a regular cigarette.

Unlike regular cigarettes that contains harmful contents, IQOS heatstick only contains special tobacco sticks that are pure tobacco without the harmful components of a regular cigarette. IQOS heatstick is rechargeable and can heat for up to 20 tobacco per charge.


Althought vaporizers and electronic cigarettes such as the IQOS heatstick acts as an alternative in preventing an individual from smoking regular cigarettes, it still contains tobacco. Given the fact that tobacco itself is not as harmful as a regular cigarette, quitting smoking is one of the best solution in order to prevent an individual from getting serious illnesses and medical complications.

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