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The Best Wedding Options for Your Choices Now

The day of her wedding is the best time to wear a chic, timeless and comfortable costume. But what costume to choose to be elegant without doing too much? Think about these photos that you will keep all your life – finally that’s all we wish you. You must choose your costume carefully, without neglecting any detail of your outfit. We will see in this article which outfit to choose, but also what accessories it is possible to wear, if you can wear a watch for example, or look at the choice of socks and good shirt. An extensive program, which happens in three stages:

In any case, for the day, you will have the choice between two outfits depending on the degree of formalism you want to give to the event:

A classic two-button suit, notched lapels, two slits on the back, in a standard color like navy blue. It’s the choice of those who do not want to take risks. Be careful, do not choose a black suit, it’s not a funeral.

A jacket for the most formalist

It is a very old version of the costume that has been worn for decades. This costume is a little out of fashion, especially if you do not have the full kit of traditional wedding, including a cathedral and a family castle. But if the jacket is well worn, then it is a sure success. For the grey suits and brown shoes this is important now. 

The Ideal Wedding Suit

The two-button suit, two slits, and notched collar are the best choice if you want to have an elegant outfit without taking any risk. With this look, you’ll have a timeless outfit that you will not regret when you look at your wedding photos in 25 years. It is also a costume that you can certainly wear on other occasions, even if you do not have the opportunity to put on costumes at work every day. We always need a costume for a solemn moment.

Gray suit and white shirt: the ideal outfit

The combination of a gray suit with a white shirt is the most appropriate for a successful wedding. The main advantage of this color is its versatility; it goes with the different colors of hair and skin. No risk of being wrong. In comparison with the navy blue, the gray brings a degree of additional formalism necessary on this solemn day. If you separate your civil and religious wedding, you can reserve your gray suit for the religious ceremony and wear an “everyday suit” for the civil ceremony. No risk of being mistaken with a gray suit. For shoes and other accessories, go to the end of the article.

Navy Blue Wedding Suit: A Good Alternative

The navy blue suit is a good alternative if you do not wish (or do not like) wearing gray suit. Wear it with a white shirt and tie in the same way as a gray suit. Same thing for the marine suit, go to the end of the article to talk about shoes and other accessories.

The black suit is sad and moribund. It has nothing to do with a wedding ceremony that is a joyous day. Do not wear a black suit at your wedding, or even if you are attending a wedding. Besides, never wear it apart from a few exceptions listed in this article. This is one of the first articles I wrote in 2012. That is to say the importance is of this rule.

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