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The Greatest Choices for the Sheath Dresses

By Posted on 3 m read

The sheath dresses are synonymous with class and elegance. She is very well worn on occasions and very presentable to work in the office. It highlights the silhouette of the wearer and brings out its femininity. But you have to be very careful about the choice of the sheath dress. Your silhouette is a decisive factor to choose the sheath dress or the pencil dress that matches and looks like you. If you have morphology A, O, H or V, there is certainly a sheath dress that will go perfectly and will bring out all the assets of your body.

Choose a sheath dress according to the silhouette

Whether round or thin, large or small in size, there is definitely a dress that will suit you perfectly. You do not know which color to choose: red sheath dress or blue sheath dress? For this take the type and color of the sheath dress that fits your morphology.

V morphology

The women of this morphology must highlight their beautiful fine legs while providing a little bit of volume. A dress long or above the knees will do very well. The asymmetrical dresses would suit you too. As for the neckline of your dress, a boat or a V is highly recommended for this type of morphology. Opt for dark colors like black or navy blue in your choice of sheath dress. To complete your look, put matching red jewels with your sheath dress.

Sheath Dresses

Silhouette A

If your morphology is A-shaped (pyramid), opt for a sheath dress with a well-bodied bustier and a flared skirt or straight. The goal is to rebalance the top and bottom of your body to give a harmonious silhouette. If your chest is small, prefer a draped or embroidered top.

O morphology

If you have well-rounded curves, the sheath dress is for you. Only, avoid tight fit. Prefer high deeds with flowing fabrics in solid color. Yellow and blue are the colors for the sheath dress that fits your figure. For the bottom, prefer a straight skirt above the knees. Thus, your curves will be well put in values ​​and your small defects will be well hidden.

The morphology H

This silhouette must be highlighted by sublimating the hips and chest. To do this, choose a V-neck sheath dress. To highlight your hips and bring out their feminine look, prefer a short skirt with lace to give volume to your figure. Patterned dresses are also highly recommended for this silhouette.

The silhouette in 8

You have a generous breast, a very thin waist and wide hips. You are known for your well-aligned shoulders and hips. Your body is feminine and must be highlighted and for that you really have the choice. However, the sheath dresses that will suit you best are those that perfectly fit your curves like a bodice. Avoid large volumes because your figure is graceful.

Which pencil dress to choose?

The pencil dresses are very tight and do not go therefore to all silhouettes. But you can find a dress that fits your morphology taking into account some criteria.

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