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Tips to buy your perfect promise ring

Promise rings are the perfect ones for engagement or wedding rings and are a promise to your loved one that you will stay with her and love her for the rest of your life. It is also a good way to propose someone and the ring and the moment is special and to be cherished for a lifetime. Many people think that the concept of a promise ring is a new one introduced with the modern times but in reality, it has been practiced since the 16th century by couples that were too young or poor to wed. It is a way to show your commitment to your partner and solidify your love.

best designs of promise rings

How to buy your statement promise ring —

Engagement or proposal is a special moment of your life and you must ensure to keep the moment unique and special. To make it more memorable you can buy a custom promise ring for the engagement. A promise ring need not have diamonds in them and can be anything that you can imagine. If you are interested in diamond then choose a ring with a different kind of style, setting or stone for your promise ring. You can find amazing promise ring ideas at

Most of the traditions include the usage of birthstones in promise rings. This will make a personal statement to the ring and your beloved will remember and cherish the ring for the rest of her life. Apart from that, you can decorate the ring with precious and semi-precious gemstones to create unique designs. While ruby is a symbol of romance, indulgence, and passion, you can use a tanzanite or sapphire ring to show your purity to your soulmate.

You must check out on the budget too for the rings as your budget for promise ring will determine the amount you would spend on wedding and engagement ring. Generally, the budget of promise ring must be 1/6 of the total budget for all the three rings. There are lots of semi-precious stones such as citrine, aquamarine, amethyst, and peridot that will make sure that your ring remains in your budget. If you still want to go low on budget then you can replace gold with sterling silver or choose eternity bands that are simple and elegant to gift.

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