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Tips to Help You Buy the Right Wide-Fit Shoes

By Posted on 2 m read

Buying shoes is no picnic, especially for clients who have wide feet. Ordinary shoes may pinch their shows or blister their ankles.

Luckily, there’s a foolproof guide to picking out shoes that will give feet more space to breathe and won’t pinch!

Less Is More

Look for shoes that have lesser straps on them because too many straps can restrict the feet. Shoes which have one or two straps, like the T-style, give the feet more space!

Adjustable Features


Adjustable shoes can adapt easily to your feet. With an extra notch on the strap or some elastic on the sides, you’ll be comfortable and pain-free. Also, look for shoes that have removable lings or insoles – it’ll give your feet more wriggle room!

Focus on the Toe Box

A small toe box is the main problem that people with wide feet face. Small toe boxes can cause joint pains, hammer toes and are just simply bad for your feet. Look for shoes with broad toe boxes to cut your toes some slack.

Thick Heels

When it comes to support, the thicker the better. Wide heels help to balance the foot, especially a wide one which has a higher chance of rolling in or out of the shoe. Besides, you’ll have a better grip and gait.

Choose Smart Fabric

If your wardrobe is stacked with wide fit boots, chances are that you already know the importance of choosing comfortable fabrics. Suede and leather can easily mould to your foot and won’t chafe your skin. Compared to plastics, acrylics, etc., softer fabrics are the best for wide-fit shoes.

Bye-bye Slip-Ons

Slip-on shoes are flexible and super convenient. However, with constant use, they loosen up and the chances of your foot slipping into the toe box and crowding increases. So over time, you’re wasting money and getting uncomfortable.

Knowing Where to Buy the Right Shoes

Wide fit shoes are becoming a big niche in the world of shoes. Their sizes vary and their manufacturing focuses on providing customers with the utmost comfort. It’s great to know all the retail places to get yourself the right pair.

Wide Fit Shoes brings customers super affordable shoes with tons of variety to choose from. Their wide sized collections are made from quality material and cater to all sorts of sizes. Not only that, but their shoes are also super trendy and their catalogue is packed with fashionable and comfortable options to revamp your shoe rack!

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