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What Top Choice is There for the Dress Pants

By Posted on 3 m read

Today, not every woman, especially after 30 years, can boast of an ideal figure. The best way to hide your flaws is to choose women’s trousers for your figure. Naturally, every lady wants to look perfect not only in the eyes of rival women, but also in the eyes of men. Not everyone can critically look in the mirror at herself, noting her main disadvantages correctly, very often she sees only her advantages, which she stresses with might and main. Properly selected trousers can successfully hide some of the shortcomings, especially if there is a well-chosen style of trousers for a woman not only in shape, but also in her everyday clothes.

There for the Dress Pants

So, we begin to choose the right women’s pants

First you need to correctly determine your height, since the well-known rule is that striped trousers lengthen your legs a bit, visually making a woman slimmer. Very often plump and at the same time low women buy striped trousers, trying to look at least a couple of centimeters tallerthis is a pretty common mistake, which is expensive. In addition, the stripes bend at the knees, forming folds, which do not look very nice. Another mistake for well-fed women is an attempt to buy tight-fitting trousers so they emphasize once again their drawback in the form of excess weight, and if you also have thick legs, then know this will never look beautiful. At the same time, very wide trousers also look ugly, as they add unnecessary volume to the female body. Therefore, try to choose something between wide and tight-fitting trousers, preferring a straight fit. With the best womens dress pants you can now have all the options open.

If you have narrow hips, then we advise you to buy pants with pleats that visually lengthen the female figure, and if there are pockets at the edges, they will broaden the hips. At the same time, they should fit the female stomach.

Correctly choose women’s pants according to the figure

If you have small legs, then I advise you to wear women’s shirts, blouses, jackets, up to the middle of the thigh. Attention, a fairly common mistake is to buy low-waist trousers for low women this gives the effect of small legs and a disproportionately large top of the body. Lapel pants also shorten the legs. I recommend high-waisted trousers for such a female figure, trousers with ironed arrows, classic trousers, as well as straight skinny trousers. Do not forget about high-heeled shoesin summer these are shoes, in winter high-heeled boots, and in the spring and autumn, semi-boots. Try to choose the color ordinary blackit goes with any clothes, it is a classic, except it will look good when the color of women’s shoes and trousers matches.

If you have full hips, the figure is a pear, pay attention to straight trousers, with very large hips we take the manner of wearing clothes for graduation, but we observe reasonable proportions in their length, since this shortens the female legs. We also cover full hips with blouses, cardigans, long sweaters, cardigans, but we observe a reasonable length. We try to pick up clothes for the top with sewn-in under-shoulder pads, since usually women have narrow shoulders, and this proportion looks bad. Large women’s specially designed women’s pants are sold for very overweight women. If you feel that this is for you, then choose them, do not try to take one size smaller, as they simply tear at the most inopportune moment.

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