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Which Bra is Right for You – A Style Guide

By Posted on 3 m read

Bras come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. An event may come up, and the perfect bra is nowhere to be found. Most women are not often sure which bra style is which. You might be thinking you want one style when you are actually talking about another.

Below are the basic and staple bra types that you should own to be ready for whatever situation life throws at you.

Sports Bras

During physical exercise, your breasts may move up and down, and side to side. Over time, these movements can result in soreness, pain, and sagging. That said, the above-listed conditions, encouraged by physical exercise, could be prevented by wearing well-fitted sports bras.

Sports bras are strongly and solidly built to provide support and comfort to your breast during physical exercise. Additionally, these bras are made with moisture-wicking fabrics, sports bras draw away sweat and let your skin breathe.

Choosing the best sports bra depends on the size and shape of your breasts. The right sports bra should fit properly. When shopping for a sports bra, it is important to choose a bra that hugs your breast.

Nursing Bras

These specialised bras provide support to breastfeeding women. They are equipped with detachable flaps, making it easier for mothers to breastfeed without having to go topless.  What is more, they are fitted with adjustable straps and multiple hook positions on the band.

Even nicer, nursing bras are form-fitting. The reason for this is, the cup size of a breastfeeding woman fluctuates throughout the day, so it is adjusted for comfort.

There are many types of nursing bras: sports, underwire, soft cup, seamless, lounge or sleep, tank-top, and breast pumping nursing bras. Choose the style which suits you best.

Strapless Bras

When one wishes to wear strapless apparel and expose some skin, yet still acquire the support offered by a bra, a strapless bra is invaluable. Strapless bras allow you to wear off-the-shoulder tops and strapless dresses with confidence.

If your strapless bra moves, it means that the bra’s band is too loose, or your outfit is putting too much weight on it. In the absence of straps, the right strapless bra has an a sturdy, specially-engineered band that offers support and shaping.

The right strapless bra has an anti-slip silicone tape, which helps the bra to adhere to your skin, so it stays in place for hours. Some strapless bras are considered convertible since they come with removable straps.

Backless Bras

Code-named the invisible bra, backless bra does not have a backstrap. Even better, some backless bras are strapless.

With backless bras, you do not have to go braless when donning low-backed tops or dresses, or when wearing backless tops or dresses. Going backless with a backless bra is one way to add sex appeal to your outfit. This bra is lighter than your everyday bra.

Push-up Bras

These bras push your breast upward and closer together, creating a sexy and feminine cleavage. This type of bra is popular among women with small boobs. Push up bras enhance breast size, making breasts look larger. These bras are a great addition to your intimate wear collection.

The right push-up bras have padding and underwire cups that help lift up breast tissue. In addition, they have demi cups that show the already enhanced cleavage.

French Bras

When we talk about French lingerie, we think of frilly, sexy, half cup bras with matching undies. Sets you would wear for a night out or to impress your partner. I think all ladies have at least one set of this style of bra in our drawers.

But there are also comfortable French bra styles on the market which are for eveyrday use. They are very flattering t-shirt bras which are comfortable, practical and easy to wear. The thought that you are wearing French lingerie every day of the week, will be sure you give you an air of confidence each day and put a spring in your step.

Choosing the right bra is very important. Ensure you are buying the right size of bra too. Ask for assistance from the shopkeeper if you need help in this regard.

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